Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Air Mobile leaving Biloxi - Heading to the Houston Area!

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Biloxi, MS -, Sept. 21, 2005, 7:18pm (CST)

Hurricane Rita has turned into a Category 5 storm! Rita will likely be as bad as Katrina! We have been in touch with strategic Ministries / First Responders on the ground in the Houston, Galveston area. An immediate evacuation of Houston/Galveston has begun. Without question, the best thing for folks to do is EVACUATE! After seeing the destruction in Biloxi, we know that is the best course. After prayer this morning, our Air Mobile Team is heading into multiple directions and GETTING VORTEX VOYAGERS TM into position BEFORE THE DISASTER STRIKES!!

Here is how it's come down. We tracked Rita last night and saw her blow up to a killer Category 4 storm rapidly. Once we determined the general area of landfall, we began making contacts. Our first contact was Living Water International out of Houston. The Director, Jerry Wiles and had just met last week at the Harris Rosen Foundation, "Water for Haiti" Gala. It was a providential meeting. I just hung up with Jerry and he and his family are evacuating. He then sent me to Tim Mulville, his Operations Officer. Tim and I are going to meet in Austin, his evacuation point. This is north and to the west of Houston. We will bring him 4 - 6 Vortex Voyagers TM and thoroughly train him on every aspect of the operation and deployment. Tim and his team will then be equipped and ready to join the First Responders in with Voyagers TM. I also have a cousin that is a top First Responder in the Houston Area. We will endeavor to link up with him.

It is so important to get in BEFORE THE DISASTER. Now, it is with regret to leave this incredible operation here in Biloxi. The Salvation Army has a great operation going here at Yankee Stadium in downtown Biloxi. Yesterday, Cindy and Barbara gave over 100 tetanus shots. Angelica and Peter helped with the Children's Ministry Outreach.

Dan Andrews and I donated a much needed Vortex Voyager TM to the Biloxi Regional Hospital. Tim Jones, the Laboratory Director stated that the Vortex Voyager TM was an answer to prayer. After Hurricane Katrina, certain of the hospitals' critical testing units were not functional due to the lack of clean water. Now, the Vortex Voyager TM will give the hospital added ability to perform critical tests in the worst of conditions. We at Air Mobile are so blessed to be able to help those who help so many. Together, we can equip and assist one another during these terrible times.
Dan and I went house to house and did water analysis (specifically checking the salinity levels). Oh, the stories we heard of survival and the power of God to protect those that weathered out this terrible storm.

Late in the afternoon, Mohan Adhikari the founder and director of Global Crossroad came after his hard day of leading a team clearing houses. Air Mobile donated two Vortex Voyagers TM to his ministry. Mohan sends out literally thousands of volunteers world-wide. This is great seed in great soil.

Dr. Clark and his medical team, INCLUDING BARBARA WALKER are heading up to a desperate town near Hattiesburg. The Air Mobile team is dividing again. It is difficult to see Barbara go, but we all know it is the best. Barbara will be able to deploy and train Dr. Clark and his team in the town that has been passed over by so many. The story is that the water was very bad BEFORE the hurricane. Now, the situation is much worse.

We're just 10 minutes from departure here at Compassion Central in Biloxi. Our next stop will be Baton Rouge to pick up more Vortex Voyagers TM then on the Austin to train Tim Mulville with Living Waters International. Our hope and prayer is that they will not need the Vortex Voyagers TM for the emergency, but the sad reality is that they likely will be used! For that, WE PRAISE GOD FOR THE PRIVILEGE TO BE IN POSITION TO BE ABLE TO "GO" IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Until next report...

Joe and the Air Mobile Team