Monday, September 12, 2005


Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Sept. 12, 2005, 6:27pm, Titusville, FL

Today, we have been speaking with our representatives on the ground in Baton Rouge, LA and getting updates on needs and future placements of Vortex Voyagers TM. We have 12 units in-place and ready to go into areas of immediate need. Our home church, New Life Christian Fellowship has sent a convoy of aid headed by my good friend Bruce Waugh into Gautier, Mississippi. We are on stand-by to deploy Voyagers TM to the team there if the situation there warrants it.

Air Mobile continues to monitor now, Tropical Storm Ophelia (just down-graded to a Tropical Storm). We have such a sense of urgency to get into disaster areas quickly. Hurricane Katrina showed us again, just how important it is TO BE READY TO DEPLOY QUICKLY!! Simply put, if we would have had Vortex Voyages in the Superdome and other strategic locations throughout New Orleans, people may not have died!

Over the years, Air Mobile has owned and operated 13 different airplanes. We currently do not have an aircraft. Due to the increase in natural disasters, we are seeing the need to own and operate our own aircraft. THANK GOD for our many friends who have aircraft and have graciously allowed us to borrow their airplanes during time of need. This has worked beautifully. But now, we sense that it is time for us to secure another ministry aircraft. I have jokingly said, "we don't want to get another airplane until it is absolutely necessary". Well, that time is rapidly approaching. Air Mobile must be able to dispatch in a moments notice. Having our own aircraft will allow us to do that.

We are hoping to secure a twin-engine, pressurized aircraft. This type of aircraft will give us range, as well as being able to fly over most weather. We have only just begun to look around. We are considering a Cessna 421 or an Aero Commander 680 (Pressurized). We have not even begun seeking the funding for this project. More than anything, we want our Lord to direct this whole effort. We know from past experience, if our Lord is in the project, the funding will come for it. We have seen Him do this again and again. Please pray for us to be well directed in this serious matter for this crucial tool.

On Saturday, Sept. 10th, the Harris Rosen Foundation of Orlando, FL hosted a spectacular event, THE WATER FOR HAITI GALA. We are so pleased to announce more than $300,000 was raised for the placement of Vortex Voyagers TM in Haiti! These Voyagers TM will bring clean water to more than 500,000 Haitians!!

We are planning return trip to Haiti in the very near future to bring in 40 Vortex Voyagers TM!! As details unfold we will let you know. For now, our whole team is just simply exhausted. It's good to be home for a bit and recharge our batteries. Until the next report...

Joe Hurston