Friday, September 09, 2005

Heading back to Florida!!

Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile - Baton Rouge, LA (Louisiana Aircraft) Sept. 9, 2005, 10:09am (CST)

The Air Mobile Team will be splitting up in Baton Rouge. Dan Andrews has graciously agreed to deploy remaining Vortex Voyagers TM as needed in the Disaster zone. Brad Hebert, another old friend of mine has a number of Vortex Voyagers TM and will assist Dan in strategic deployments.

Christian and I will be flying the Cessna 337 back to Vero Beach, FL in the next hour. Hurricane / Tropical Storm / Hurricane Ophelia ia swirling just off the coast of our home in Cocoa, FL. The Hurricane is projected to loop back and possibly strike Florida with full force. One thing is for sure, HURRICANES ARE VERY UNPREDICTABLE.

Our mission here in Louisiana / Mississippi is continuing on with full force, though part of the team is heading back to Florida. Tom Flaim is going to try to jump a private aircraft back to Atlanta. If that does not work out, Dan Andrews will be driving Tom to Atlanta and returning right back here to Baton Rouge.

This is a very quick report. Will fill in more blanks upon return. So many have helped us on this mission. Jeff McGimsey drove us here this morning. Shawn Mears, my niece housed our team and gave her unlimited usage of her car. Brad Hebert has been on call and come at a moments notice. Of course, Dan and Charlene Andrews housed part of the Air Mobile Team and gave us full support, transportation, meals, communications and the list goes on and on. Now, Dan will be available to deploy the remaining units. All we can say, from the bottom of our hearts is THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

Yesterday, we deployed another Voyager TM with Ricky Sinclair with the Miracle Church. We have been very pleased with placing Vortex Voyagers TM into very, very competent hands. Ricky's ministry reaches into desparate areas! We know that he will use these units to full capacity!

It's time to load and take off. We'll be flying just behind and under Hurricane Ophelia. We should be landing mid afternoon in Vero Beach. Please remember to pray for all in the Hurricanes path! God Bless You and thanks for your prayer!


Joe Hurston