Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Air Mobile back to one of the Ground Zeros - Biloxi! Rita rumbles toward Florida!

Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - Sept. 20, 2005, 6:49am (CST), Downtown Biloxi, MS

On Monday, Sept. 19, 2005,the Air Mobile Team arrived at Compassion Central, a Salvation Army operation Center about an hour before Dr. Clark from Michigan arrived. We set up in the parking lot of a classic old High School Football Stadium affectionately known to locals as "Old Yankee Stadium". The place was a bit tricky to find because all the street signs have been blown down. Biloxi looks like a major war zone.

Dr. Clark's first patient was me. It seems I should have taken at least a tiny rest between India and Katrina. In the urgency of the disasters, never took even an hour off for "jet-lag". The result, a very painful malady known as Shingles. The Doc gave a quick and clear diagnosis. Somehow, over the next few days, I'm going to have to slow down just a bit, pray, rest and let the wonderful antibiotics kick in. Cindy and Barbara are absolutely "On the Mission". Today, they are both heading to assist the medical team. Angelica and Peter will be doing school work.

Last night there was a wonderful worship service right in the middle of the football field under a big red tent. It was so encouraging to see young people serving the Lord and others! This tragedy is giving us all the opportunity to shine for the Lord.

While we were waiting for Dr. Clark to arrive, Cindy was "on-line" running out many stories about the heroics and the current dreadful circumstances surrounding us. Thru her diligent computer research handy-work, we were able to contact the Mayor's office and find out more about the water situation around us. Water is being restored, but there are still great pockets of need. We found another ministry, "Global Crossroads". This organization works around the world, yet the Founder was right here in Biloxi. Miraculously, I was able to reach him on his cell phone. Within several hours, after he had been working on clearing devastated houses, he came to our location. We were able to demonstrate a Vortex Voyager TM to him. This evening, we're going to officially donate a Vortex Voyager TM to him. Will give more details and photos in tomorrows report.

In just a few minutes, Dan Andrews, our Baton Rouge Representative will be arriving. Dan and I will be going all over Gulfport/Biloxi and assessing the water situation first hand. Oh well, so much for the rest prescribed by Dr. Clark. Better wrap it up for now. God Bless You! Appreciate your prayer and love!!

Joe and the Air Mobile Team