Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ground Zero - Biloxi looks like a tsunami hit it!

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Sept. 7, 2005 - 9:27am (CST) Baton Rouge, LA -

Yesterday we made it to the Gulf Coast. Picked up Highway 90 in Waveland and went all the way to the end of Biloxi. As you may know, Air Mobile was in Indonesia right after the great December 26th Tsunmai. The whole area looked exactly like what we saw in the Tsunami! PRAISE GOD for the evacuations!!! There were many areas that we saw, that NO ONE would have survived....period! Absolute and total destruction.

Because we were deploying a purchased unit from the State of Georgia for their support operations, we had clearance to go anywhere. We spent the day viewing the destruction and speaking and ministering to so many who were directly impacted by this terrible disaster.

We delivered the first Vortex Voyager TM unit to the Georgia First Responders stationed in Biloxi. They are first class people dedicated to serving and helping those in need.

Jeff, who volunteered himself and his Yukon the first day we arrived, drove us in. We went straight to his aunts home in Waveland, MS. Her place was destroyed but Jeff was able to retrieve a few personal things. The carpet was still water logged and the mold and mildew was unbearable and on just about every surface. Praise God, his aunt is safe. Jeff has been an incredible help to us throughout this mission.

Everywhere we went, we saw churches open and helping! Though many had lost everything, still, here they were reaching out with free food, water and clothes. Again, this is our hour to shine!!

All throughout the day, we were on the phone with Church leaders. We are finding that there are so many communities that have been evacuated and the people cannot get back in. The need for the Vortex Voyager TM will be upon their return. The boil water ban is anticipated to stay in effect for 6 months and up to a year in some places. Imagine caring for several hundred displaced persons and having to boil all their water for nearly a year! We thank God for our donors that enabled us to help the local churches care and minister to so many hurting people. We pray for the resources to help all the churches that need help. The number is great, but God is greater!

Another thing that has become crystal clear to everyone we met with is that they need Vortex Voyagers TM IN POSITION BEFORE THE DISASTER STRIKES!! This relates to both the government and First Responders, as well as the churches. Imagine entire communitees that will come to the local church in times of disaster for life-sustaining water for that period of days before the bottled water makes it in. The Voyagers TM will enable them to be true leaders in the community, and reach out to persons that may never have been or thought to go to church.

That is very much our mission here. We must get Vortex Voyagers TM into strategic hands not only for the Katrina disaster but for the disasters to come! Also, having the Vortex Voyager TM in hand gives the First Responder the capability to go anywhere, anytime and pump clean water from very, very dirty water.

Everywhere we went yesterday, we showed people how we pumped water out of the streets of New Orlans AND DRANK IT! We didn't have to do much convincing of the power of the Vortex once we showed them that!

You can go to our website and click on the link and actually view this happening. This morning, we are with another group of Georgia First Responders. Tom Flaim just walked up and told me that in 5 minutes, I'll be needed to assist in training on the use of another Vortex Voyager TM being deployed by this group.

I was on the phone with Charles Carpenter of Bethany World Prayer Center this morning. Pastor Larry Stockstill asked me to contact Charles. Later we will meet with him and donate a Vortex Voyager TM to Bethany. We'll also be meeting with Pastor Ricky Sinclair of the Miracle Church here in Baker. Ricky has hundreds of families from New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Pray for him and the entire church community in the affected areas as they are struggling with all the challenges at hand.

There is much more to write. We'll give more updates throughout the day.

Joe and The Air Mobile Team