Monday, September 26, 2005

Air Mobile in Beaumont!

Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - Sept. 26, 2005 - 8:10am - Baptist Hospital Parking Lot - Beaumont, TX

It was long and slow journey down Hwy. 69 from Southeast Dallas to Beaumont. Several times the signs said the Hwy. 69 was closed. We just kept proceeding to get as close as we could. We were never stopped. As we approached Beaumont the evidence of Rita was everywhere. This was a very powerful Hurricane.

Made it all the way to the Baptist Hospital in downtown Beaumont about 8:15pm. The drive through the city was eerie. No electricity, downed powerlines everywhere. In the darkness, only the faint outlines of the utter destruction could be made out. We phoned the hospital just outside of town and got final directions. I confirmed if the Emergency Operation was functioning.

Went straight to the Emergency Room and asked a Doc to check me out as there is a great deal of pain related to shingles. I am healing slowly, thank God. We slept in the Hospital Parking lot.

Beaumont is just torn to pieces. This morning we're heading to the Command Center and checking on the status of water. We're hearing of pockets of residents stuck without food and water and sending out S.O.S.'s. We're asking the Lord to use us to help in these situations.

We'll attempt to send a report out this evening. God Bless You and THANK YOU again for helping us get to this "Ground Zero" at Beaumont.

Joe and Air Mobile Team