Thursday, September 22, 2005


Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - Sept. 22, 2005 Between Dallas and Austin - Southbound on a back country Texas Rd. 8:44am

BULLETIN!! Hurricane Rita up to 175mph with Gusts to 215MPH! This is going to be one of the worst storms ever. We must pray for all in her path. I intend to lead our Air Mobile Team to Austin, TX which should be just to the north and west of Rita's projected Ground Zero. With our motorhome and satellite communications, we'll be able to keep moving just out of her destructive range.

We are meeting with Tim Mulville, Operations for Living Waters International(LWI). LWI has put wells around the world and has tremendous experience in dealing with water in very bad siuations. They are a "Dream Team" for Air Mobile to link up with. We are just a few hours away from meeting them. I cannot begin to express to you, our donors, supporters and prayer warriors how important this is to place VORTEX VOYAGERS TM into position BEFORE THE STORM.

By God's grace and help, we are not running FROM the roar of Rita, but are RUNNING TO THE ROAR OF RITA! We will be ready to get in and save lives! PRAISE GOD!!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions and decisions. Again, our original mission of bringing much need relief to the Biloxi "Ground Zero" was accelerated, and our Air Mobile Team split up. Air Mobile donated 2 Vortex Voyagers TM to Dr. Clark and his team. Barbara Walker joined them and they immediately headed north to a town near Hattiesburg, MS. The story there is that the community has been suffering for a long time, even before Katrina with extremely contaminated water. They DESPERATELY need a Vortex Voyager TM. So off they went (We're really going to miss Barbara Walker, but she'll be a great blessing to Dr. Clark's team.

Meanwhile, we bid our farewells to Major Dan, the head of the huge and successful Salvation Army Operation going on at the Yankee Stadium in downtown Biloxi. He fully understood our mission to get to Houston. Within minutes we were rolling to Baton Rouge for more Vortex Voyagers TM.

Earlier yesterday morning (Wed.), I had requested Dan Andrews drive from Baton Rouge to Biloxi to assist us with more deployments, water analysis and training. But then we saw Rita growing at monstrous speed and ferocity. We then made the decision: AIR MOBILE IS GOING TO TEXAS! We turned Dan around and sent him back to Baton Rouge to get 5 more Voyagers TM out of our Baton Rouge Storage Facility. Within hours, we were at Dan's house in Baton Rouge loading the precious Vortex Voyagers TM. Of course, Dan made me a fresh cup of Louisiana Coffee!

Soon, we were on the road heading westbound. Our routing has been a bit clever. As you may see Houston is total GRIDLOCK! Millions of people fleeing Rita. Well we jumped on Old Hwy. 190 Westbound out of Baton Rouge, joined I-49 north to Shreveport, then west on I-20.

I called our Executive Pastor, Jason Linkous, at New Life Christian Fellowhip in Titusvlle, FL. I assesed him of the situation, including my bout with shingles. We prayed together and during the Wednesday night service, the great church of New Life lifted our team up. Man, the power of prayer is something else. Though the Air Mobile team is tired and kind of beat up, we sensed a new strength to just "keep marching". Cindy and I swapped driving chores and just after midnight made it to a Rest Area between Shreveport and Dallas and had a good couple of hours of sleep.

Now, we're on a back country road to I-35 heading to Austin from the North! We're going against all the traffic. Austin will be an excellent staging area for our team to wait out Rita and see what and how we can help.

Well, that's the plan for the moment. As I've shared again and again, DISASTERS ARE FLUID! We must always be ready to change and adjust. At this point, we all sense, we're on the right course. I just hung up Tim Mulville. He's in complete grid-lock out of Houston heading to Austin. We'll meet at the big Walmart north of Austin.

We're on another "adventure within an adventure, within an adventure". The Hurston Family counts ourselves blessed to be here at this hour. Again, you are so precious to us. Thank you for praying for and supporting our efforts. Until next report....

Joe and the Air Mobile Team (Cindy, Angelica and Peter)