Sunday, September 25, 2005

Air Mobile dodging debris and aiming to Beaumont!

Report Submitted by Joe Hurston - Sept. 25, 2005 1:29pm Terrell, Texas

Yesterday, we paralelled Hurricane Rita all the way to where she turned to the east. Then we turned to the east and followed her. It was a wild ride! Very much like stalking a lion! We found a safe haven in Terrell, Texas, just south east of Dallas and slept (kinda). The old Bounder rocked and swayed all night.

Now, we're on our way to Beaumont to donate Vortex Voyagers TM to the Baptist Hosptial. The reports that we are getting is the at the water situation is dreadfiul. Just spoke to the Commander of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC), David Lognion. Once explaining what the Vortex Voyager TM did, he said "Come On"!

We have Dan Andrews doing close monitoring of our proposed route. Dan is on-line getting all the latest on closures/blockages and known dangers. We're planning to go south through Tyler to Lufkin then Highway 69 in the back of Beaumont. This is going to treacherous driving. Please pray for us as we go.

We will be at "Ground Zero" in Beaumont by this evening. There are many, many variables to this whole mission. We could be stopped anytime, though, the Head of the EOC has cleared us in. Thanks for your prayer and love.