Sunday, September 04, 2005

Aiming toward Ground Zero (s)!

Doctors fear tainted water gave shelter residents dysentery
9/3/2005, 6:01 p.m. CT
The Associated Press

Report submitted by Joe Hurston - President Air Mobile - Gonzales, LA - Sept. 4, 2005, 5:38am (Central time - U.S.)

So many "Ground Zeros"! Deciding where to aim the Air Mobile Teams is a challenge. Our hearts are breaking! Everywhere we look, we see suffering people. Hear reports of sick, thirsty, desperate. The need for CLEAN DRINKING WATER is everywhere. We must get the Vortex Voyagers TM into position.

We also see people everywhere reaching out to help. Upon arrival yesterday, Louisiana Aircraft at the Baton Rouge airport was the picture of hospitality (Community Coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts) amidst a constant press and flow of aircraft, relief workers, National Guard pilots and so many private citizens doing everything in their strength to help.

I know there has been so much negative press about the horrors going on in New Orleans, but that is NOT ALL OF THE STORY! Americans are good people with a big heart. We see and feel the evidence everywhere! We simply want to do our part!

We may have a way into New Orleans today. First must meet Bill Dunklee at the airport this morning. Tom Flaim is working at the State Government level with strategic meetings planned this morning.

New Orleans is extremely difficult to get into, as you can well imagine. There are many conflicting reports of the situation. We may have a way in, but I can't give the details.

Biloxi and Gulfport are also in dire need without the extreme restrictions of New Orleans.

Must thank Dan and Charlene Andrews for hosting and housing several of our team members. Also, Shawn, my niece. We are staging out of her home, that is conveniently on the road to New Orleans.

After a short, but good nights sleep, we're ready for action. Please be praying with us that we will move in the best directions possible.

We have several aircraft in Titusville ready on a moments notice to fly here with more Vortex Voyager TM water purifiers. PRAISE GOD again, for so many so willing to help!!

God Bless You!! THANKS for following our journey. We need your prayers and help! Will write later.

Joe and the Air Mobile Team